about me

I graduated from Fine Arts in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2002, I also graduated from Plastic Arts and Design later, in Murcia in 2015. I have focused my artistic career mainly on painting and sculpture, I specialized in Portraiture when I arrived in Spain in 2003. I was part of The Integrated Workshop Project of various artistic disciplines during my stay in Galicia in 2011, which brought me great satisfaction. In Murcia, in 2013 I resume my studies and I sign up for training in Sculpture, from this moment I turn to projects related to this new discipline.

Some exhibitions to highlight are those held in the Japanese Garden, Palermo, Buenos Aires in 2001; at Casa Diaz Cassou, Murcia in 2011, at the Párraga Center in Murcia in 2015, among others. Since 2015 I have participated in different artistic events, my main activity being "Portrait" in painting and sculpture.  I made countless sculptural works for companies and individuals in different sizes and finishes.

Another of my great passions is teaching to understand art, having the great opportunity to teach classes in different official institutions in the Region of Murcia, such as the Instituto Murciano de Acción Social and the Centro de Artesanía de Murcia.

Thank you for being here sharing this, my space and now ours... I invite you to explore my creations and if you dare to create yours together!